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Quick Order

Method 1 - Paste from another program

If you have a list of the quantities and exact
part numbers that you wish to order in another
program like MS WORD or EXCEL simply highlight
the quantity and part number and choose
"Copy". (keyboard shortcut; Ctrl+C).
The format must be quantity part number
separated by a space (WORD) or in side by side
columns (EXCEL). Example: 12 ABC456.
In the area provided place your mouse in the
box and "Paste" (keyboard shortcut; Ctrl+V).
Then click "Add to Order"

Method 2 - Enter a list of quantities and part numbers

Simply type in the quantity followed by a space
and then the part number. Press "Enter" after the part
number and repeat the process until all quantities and
part numbers are in the space. Then click "Add to Order".
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